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Eggs Game: Toy


All children are loving eggs, at least without any yolk. Be sure that our surprise game featuring lots of different eggs will amaze your child and make you happy, because this game is an awesome surprise toy in your phone!What will happen when one of surprise eggs will be clicked? Will it move, or make sound? Maybe both? Or these are easter eggs and they will do nothing? Nobody really knows!
Just be sure that this is an perfect baby game and all eggs featured in it are unique - with their sounds and appearance. And this is the best feature about this baby game - it will entertain a child for a long period of time.
It will fit both type of kids - those who are waiting for Easter and those, who are looking for surprise eggs!
This applications has a lot of features. First of all, when kid moves phone around, rattle sound gets louder and louder in background and all eggs will grow in size!
Second awesome feature of this simple rattle surprise children game is that eggs will react on click - they will turn around and make unique sound.
This is very important for toddlers and liliths, as it will improve their growing, tech them that every action has it’s own counteraction.
So this is not only a perfect surprise application, but also an virtual rattle which in some cases might be a real lifesaver. For example when you are on a long trip, and you lost your real rattle, it will perfectly act as a rattle for a short period of time!
So be sure to not waste your time and download this awesome children surprise rattle app right now, and get their attention on it!